Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most common questions that people ask or that you might be curious about

When can my child commence lessons?

This may vary between Swim Schools, however, Austswim guidelines recommend from 6 months of age.

Why start your children off when they are so young?

Generally if babies are introduced to water familiarisation classes at an early age, we can help prevent a fear of water from developing in your child.

What does our program aim to do?

• challenge children to attempt new activities
• develop the child’s mobility in the water
• increase water safety awareness in both parent and child
• provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment
• develop water confidence and an ongoing enjoyment for aquatic activities

By the time your child is ready for ‘formal’ swimming lessons (at approximately 3 years of age) he/she will be very comfortable in the water (in terms of balance, recovery and submerging).

Are there activities that can be done before my child starts lessons?

From basic familiarisation with water to early concepts of ‘breathing’ (exhaling), much can be achieved at home in the bath.

How long does it take to learn how to swim?

This is a very difficult question to answer and will depend on your interpretation of what ‘swimming’ is.

There are a number of factors that can influence how long it takes a child to become confident in the water. The age and size of the child, their level of coordination and, most importantly, the amount of time spent practicing the skills can affect the amount of time it takes to achieve each certificate. The more familiar your child becomes with the water the easier it is to teach them.

Some children are slower at developing the necessary skills, and we offer ‘Holiday Programs’ to suit these children. Remember, all children are different. Streamlines program is constantly being modified and improved to stay up-to-date with all concepts and strategies involved with teaching. We have a large number of remedies that may be used to help your child achieve their potential.

What should i bring to swimming lessons?

Streamline Swim School provides all of the equipment required for swimming lessons, including aids and educational equipment. All you will need to bring is bathers, a towel and goggles.

Why does my child near to wear a swimming cap?

In order to maintain our 5 STAR water quality rating, Streamline policy is that all children from 4 years of age wear a swimming cap. This helps reduce the amount of chlorine needed to treat the pool, therefore giving all customers a more pleasant swimming environment.