You will find here the Preschool Swimming Course Description


Swimming for baby and mother groups and coursesChildren who participate in water activities from a very young age benefit through improved water skills, enhanced interaction, greater independence at an early age, and an ability to accept new situations more readily. Our program will prepare your young child by introducing essential skills required to learn to swim whilst also preparing them physically and socially for the more structured swimming lessons at an older age.

We also support swimming for baby and mother as well.

Our program aims to:

  • challenge children to attempt new activities
  • develop the child’s mobility in the water
  • increase water safety awareness in both parent and child
  • provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment
  • develop water confidence and an ongoing enjoyment for aquatic activities

This is achieved through partnership with our;
Austswim qualified Pre School teachers, Parents and class members. Your child may be apprehensive when you first venture to the pool and commence classes. Take time to allow your child to get used to the surroundings. Be guided by their feelings and your teacher’s advice.

InfantParent & Child6 months – 18 months
Level 1:Parent & Child19 months – 3 years
“Squirt”Parent & Child – Advanced2 ½ years – 3 years
Level 2B:Toddler – Beginner3 years – 4 years
Level 2:Toddler – Intermediate3 years – 4 years
Level 3:Toddler – Advanced3 years – 4 years
Level 4B:Kinder – Beginner4 years – 5 years
Level 4:Kinder – Intermediate4 years – 5 years
Level 5:Kinder – Advanced4 years – 5 years
Parent & ChildMorningsMonday to Saturday
ToddlerMorningsMonday to Saturday
Pre-SchoolMorningsMonday to Saturday
After SchoolMonday to Friday
Limited Pre-School spaces available after school