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Enrolling our children in swimming lessons can be one of the best things we do for our children. Streamline Swim Schools professional swim instructors can assist with teaching your children how to swim and build confidence in the water.




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Our Motto

For us, learning to swim is viewed as a life skill and not a recreational activity. It may take many years for a non-swimmer to become a competent swimmer.

Therefore it is important for us to provide the best possible learning environment.

Our lessons are designed to allow all participants to achieve their full potential. Classes are conducted in a manner which challenges the swimmers with the teaching focus on correct technique.

We try to provide a warm friendly environment for all of our participants, to ensure fun and enjoyable classes.

Infant & Preschool Programs

Children who participate in water activities from a very young age benefit from increased abilities including:

  • Improved water skills, enhanced interaction, greater independence at an early age, and an ability to accept new situations more readily.

Primary School Programs

Our program for children who are attending school caters for the complete beginner, through to the child who has developed their swimming to the point where there are considering swimming as a competitive sport and want to join a swimming club.

Holiday Programs

Take part in our holiday programs.

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