Here is our Primary Level Swimming Course Description


Our program for children who are attending school caters for swimming for beginners, through to the child who has Primary Swimming For Beginnersdeveloped their swimming to the point where there are considering swimming as a competitive sport and want to join a swimming club.

Streamline Swim Schools primary level swim training is carefully designed to operate to support our young primary school students to better there self-esteem, physical health and fitness and to generate confidence in the water by learning different levels of training and swimming techniques.

A set routine is followed each week with individual attention being given to each child within the group. Classes are graded according to the swimming ability of the children in each group.

Our program aims to:
• provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for the children
• increase water safety awareness in both parent and child
• develop confidence and enjoyment of aquatic activities in a non threatening manner
• challenge children to achieve their best
• allow the children to progress at their own pace without pressure and comparisons made to other children

This is achieved through partnership with our Austswim qualified teachers, parents and class members.

Level 6BComplete Beginnerworking towards torpedo 7 mts
Level 6Confident Beginnerintroduction to stroking and breathing patterns
Level 7Intermediatefine tuning Freestyle & Backstroke
Level 8Advanced Intermediateworking towards 50 mts Freestyle & Backstroke
Level 9Seniorworking towards 50 mts Freestyle & Backstroke
Level 10Pre Squadworking towards 50 mts Freestyle & Backstroke
ElthamMonday to Friday4.00pm – 6.30pm
ResearchMonday to Friday4.00pm – 6.30pm
Saturday8.30am – 12.00pm

Approx 10 weeks [to coincide with state school terms]